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Exhibition @ Hamilton Gallery

Paintings and Sculpture

Paintings and Sculpture

Alan Ardiff and Seamus Gill with Invited Sligo Artists

Dec 11th, 2014 Jan 31st, 2015

  Alan Ardiff
Invited Artists
Seamus Gill

The Hamilton Gallery celebrates the Christmas season with an exhibition by Alan Ardiff and Seamus Gill with Invited Sligo Artists.
Alan Ardiff’s large-scale bronze works act as a vehicle for self-expression, eloquently depicting the artists’ ongoing interrogation into aspects of what he describes as “the bigger picture”. Smaller works focus a fond eye upon more immediate, individual dilemmas, conveying a strong sense of the striving, struggling human lot; humorously borne here. The artist’s constant, quiet sense of humour remains centre stage throughout, offering a sense of hope and, sometimes, joy amid the mélange of perceptions and emotions which seemingly beset the human condition.

Séamus Gill’s sculptural works are all about expressing the art of silversmithing in bronze. Each piece is cut form a flat sheet of bronze then moved with a hammer and anvil into a gracefully flowing three dimensional sculpture. He works in harmony with the natural characteristics and movement of the bronze creating forms that reflect those found in nature. Each piece is finished by patinating with soft muted colours.

Invited Sligo artists include Clive Bright, Conor Gallagher, Annie Harrison, Vivien Murray, Kate MacDonagh, Brian McDonagh, Leonora Neary, Cormac O’Leary and Michael Wann

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