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After Long Silence I

After Long Silence I


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After Long Silence I Graphite Light I
old bones upon the mountian shake 'Shadowy Waters I'
flowers and grass and cloudless sky small birds in the dew of the morn
Bullock Graphic Light IV
Whin in Bloom 'Shadowy Waters III'
'evening fell', All Souls Night
'wet winds', Graphic Light II
Graphite Light III 'the winds awaken'
'Shadowy Waters IV' Cloooth's Preambulations
Rain Memory wind comes up from the shore
'the deepest water in the world' Riverpath
Shades II (Monoprint) the kings hair
thought of mountain and lake, of my grandfather and of Sligo 'Shadowy Waters II'
'Shades I' (Monoprint) of hollow wood and hilly wood .... (Into the Twilight IV)
where peace comes dropping slow 'Shades III'  (Monoprint)
I dreamed towards break of day Golden Apples

Of this Place - contemporary visual reflections from Yeats country

Jul 2nd, 2015 Aug 31st, 2015

  Nuala Clarke
Conor Gallagher
Kate MacDonagh
Brian McDonagh
Leonora Neary
Cormac O'Leary
Bettina Seitz
Michael Wann

The Hamilton Gallery invite you to view 'Of this Place' - contemporary visual reflections from Yeats country an exhibition by a group of 8 Sligo artists.

Acknowledging the wealth of inspiration afforded to William Butler Yeats by the landscape of County Sligo, each member of this collective of eight Sligo-based artists individually explores the nature of the relationship between their own work and these same environs.

The exhibition makes for an interesting exploration of the many planes of landscape, from the geographical to the emotional to the metaphysical. The group bring together their own findings to mark a collective appreciation of these many geographies, presenting a homage of sorts to the landscape of Sligo.

With each artist's experience as individual as their own practice, this body of work is a visual meditation upon the manifold ways that our surrounding landscape is absorbed, seeping into our creative consciousness.

Writer Brian Leyden has liaised with the artists, stimulating a dialogue and locating the work in its imaginative terrain for the exhibitions accompanying catalogue.

Hamilton Gallery - Thursday 30th July at 6pm

The Hamilton Gallery will host a discussion about the current exhibition, 'Of This Place', featuring eight Sligo-based artists who have focused their attention on their own creative relationship with the landscape that so inspired Yeats.

The discussion will be led by writer Brian Leyden who visited each of the artists in their studios as they put together a body of work for exhibition in Sligo and Madrid. This event is kindly supported by Sligo Arts Service.

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The Circus Animals Desertion by Diarmuid Delargy

The Circus Animals Desertion by Diarmuid Delargy


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The Circus Animals Desertion by Diarmuid Delargy Impressions and Portraits of W.B. Yeats

Impressions and Portraits of W.B. Yeats

Jul 3rd, 2015 Aug 29th, 2015

  Impressions and Portraits of W. B. Yeats by Invited Artists

The Hamilton Gallery invited over 50 of Ireland’s leading and emerging contemporary visual artists to create a 20cm x 20cm canvas inspired by the life and writings of W.B. Yeats.

The overwhelming response we received has resulted in this exhibition 'Impressions and Portraits of W.B. Yeats', a compelling, contemporary response by the visual artists of Ireland to the work of one of our literary giants for his 150th birthday.

The exhibition was opened by Professor Margaret Mills Harper, Director of the Yeats International Summer School.

A PDF of the exibition catalgoue and price list is available on request, please contact the gallery at info@hamiltongallery.ie or telephone us on +353 71 91 43686

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