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Exhibition @ Hamilton Gallery

The Road from Knock na Ri

The Road from Knock na Ri


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The Road from Knock na Ri Benwiskin
Incoming Tide Golden Apples
The High Meadow Towards Geevagh
Raincloud, the Boggadh Bog Hazels Dooney Wood
Under the Shadow of Ben Bulbin  

W. B Yeats Landscape Exhibition

Mar 5th, 2015 Mar 28th, 2015

  Conor Gallagher
Brian McDonagh
John O'Connor

The early summers of W.B Yeats’ life was spent in County Sligo. Memories of those times informed his poetry throughout his life.

As part of the Yeats 2015 celebrations, Hamilton Gallery invited three artists to explore the same idea of memory and the Sligo landscape, but from three differing life perspectives. Conor Gallagher is an artist born and raised in Sligo but currently lives in Dublin. Brian MacDonagh was raised in Dublin but moved to Sligo as a young man to Study fine art at Sligo IT and has lived here since. John O’Connor, most like Yeats, grew up in Dublin but spent his summer holidays in Sligo.

The resulting exhibition is informed in the first instance by the distinct voice of each artist. But it is also an intriguing diffracted response to the subject Sligo landscape, which flows from the differing entry point each artist has had into Sligo as a backdrop to their lives and imaginations.

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